Change In A Bag

Official Project

The Problem

After having done some research I have found that people who go through the processes of the police, hospitals and DFCS after reporting rape or abuse, I have found a need for people to be made more comfortable through the process. Often times, the clothes a person is wearing will be taken for evidence and they will be given a hospital gown, or similar item, to wear. It seems to me, that the organizations trying to help a person begin to make them feel more uncomfortable by not providing as simple of a necessity as clothes. I would like to provide women and children who have been victims of abuse or rape the comforts of having a complete outfit they can change into.

Plan of Action

First I had to design a flyer, and pass it out to several different groups, explaining how the program works. Then I had to develop a system to collect the bags. Once I recieved two garbage bags full of clothing which I had to sort through and match several outfits together. Last, I deliver the bags to the different organizations listed above. So far we have collected 168 bags which have helped to provide common comforts to women and children who have been victims of abuse.

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