Change for Kids

The Problem

The Association of the Blind (ABVI-Goodwill) in my community has a dream to build a playground on its property to help children who are visually impaired or blind learn how to play at a park or playground like other kids. It will also be used as training for blind parents as to how they can navigate and participate at a playground with their children. They need to raise $350,000 before October and I want to help.

Plan of Action

I want to approach our community schools to help by having children and their parents empty the spare change from their pocket books, backpacks, cars, etc., and donate it to this project for ABVI. I would like to solicit a local packaging company to donate the containers that we can place at area schools and possibly businesses. Everyone has extra coins around that they swear they will roll and take to a bank for cash, but we never do it! We won't miss it and it can help a child who is blind do something we take for granted. Play at a playground.....slide down a slide....or swing on a swing......Change For Kids can help!

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