Change Through Passion

The Problem

The community this project is aimed for is small towns to large cities. The program would be set up so that anyone can create a change in a community. The community that I would personaly start in my community which is a small town. There is a small high school with about 250 graduating seniors a year. The community is growing quickly. Being a small town there is not a lot of activities availiable to kids or teens.

Plan of Action

The first step I would make is by going to local businesses and schools to see how they could help support youth in the community. The way they could help is by offering different internships and activities that create an interest for youth in a future career or study but also gives them the ignition for a passion behind something they love. I would also create a way for them to continue doing what they have a passion in such as sports, where the high school can help by providing facilities, technology, where students can invent and learn new things about the newest technology, and music, offering small concerts to show different skills and lessons for new musicians to learn.

Find a Campaign