Changing for Myself

Official Project

The Problem

Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. I, myself, have been affected by it. I am over weight, but I'm changing. Since researching how fatal being over weight is, I have decided to turn my life around. By eating better, working out, and setting myself in a good environment of people to support me. I believe that people, especially teenage girls out in the world need to know that just because they're not a size 2, doesn't mean they aren't beautiful, but if they are fatally over weight, then I want them to know that by changing a few habits, then they could change their entire life for the best! I know that if I was given this support 2 years ago, I wouldn't be at the weight I am today, but without going through my painful days waking up and not fitting into my jeans, has made me realize that we take our bodies for granted, and that we need to do whatever we can to make sure we are healthy and that we can live a great and active life, and have fun while doing it!

Plan of Action

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