Charity Fashion Show

The Problem

As prom quickly approached the 2007 school year, the rush and anxiety for each girl to find the perfect dress with the most unforgettable matching shoes was all in swing. Being that I was junior and not attending prom, looking for dresses was not my main priority at the time, but as I came across a small boutique named Rashawn Rose, in my local county I realized that dresses could make a difference in lives of many. Through this boutique an idea collaborated between the owner and myself to put on a local fashion show. With all of the dresses and tuxedos provided by the store, tickets and snacks would be used to raise money for a local foundation known as The Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, in Fort Lauderdale Florida as well for my upcoming senior class. The foundation was a local charity that was in desperate need to collect money for children with cancer that were lacking basic necessities and contributing to raise money to expand the hospital area. Through my local fashion show a total of $242.00 was raised for the foundation and local donations were also given to support the cause. Taking part in such a simple fund raiser, I realized that through little efforts, results are truly unforgettable and can change the lives of many.

Plan of Action

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