Cherokee Village City Skatepark

The Problem

We live in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, and there is a growing number of local youth skateboarding and riding BMX bikes. The problem is, we have no safe place to do it legally. There are very few things for youth to do in our area - especially healthy activities. Our goal is to work with the city and build a skate park and open a youth center with positive weekly activities to keep kids and young adults busy and active, and get them involved with their communities.

Plan of Action

We have already partnered with the city, local contractors, and other local organizations and begun planning the skate park . Our group grows on a weekly basis, and we've gotten kids and young adults out and volunteering at festivals, clean-up days, and other community projects. We got permission from the city to utilize one of their buildings to set up ramps to skateboard and ride our bikes, and to potentially start some after school activities. Right now we are trying to raise money to pay for repairs on existing equipment, buy new ramps, and to heat the building.

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