Childhood Obesity Prevention

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The Problem

Alta Brown Elementary School serves the children of the working poor. 77% of our families meet the criteria for free or reduced lunches. We are a Kansas Coordinated School Health school and have received recognition from Governor Sebelius and Secretary Bremby for our efforts. As the school nurse at Alta Brown I'm always looking for teachable moments. Every morning after breakfast before school our K-4 students sit in lines on the gym floor.(more than 300 students) They are quiet and are doing nothing but waiting for 10-20 minutes. In the old gym I was able to use an ancient projector and a screechy 30 year old PA system to show educational videos on a screen. We've shown videos about healthy eating, avoiding smoking, sun and bicycle safety, HIV awareness, hygiene, stranger danger, etc. However, this year we must use another gym and there is no projector . The wall is white so we could do without a screen but some new equipment is necessary to make previously wasted time a health education opportunity as the PA system must stay on the stage in the old gym and we had no way to show DVD's previously. This year we would especially like to focus on prevention of childhood obesity. We have access to videos on this topic from several area agencies and our own central office but need to be able to play them. Another use for this equipment would be to use the geo-mats and exercise videos which were obtained by another school nearby. We will be able to borrow them from time to time and allow students to use them during indoor inclement weather recesses or gym class. This combined with the walking club described below we hope will have a significant impact in the prevention of childhood obesity. We would like to request $2,000.00 for the purchase of a video projector, portable PA system w/microphone and amplifier, and DVD/VHS player. The prices for the projector and PA system are from the website and the DVD/VHS player would be purchased at the local Wal-Mart with an estimated cost of $100. which is included in the $2000. requested. Any part of the costs would be appreciated however if $2000.00 is not possible. As mentioned above we will initiate a walking club for the students. Opportunities to participate in this walking program will be offered before school, after school, and at recess for students in K-4th Grades. Students will use a designated walking trail. The distance for this walking trail will be measured so miles can be accumulated as a means for students to reach target goals. Total distance walked will also be used as an evaluation tool for the program. We will begin the "Walking Club" January 8, 2008 thru May 15th 2008 with the hope to make it an ongoing Alta Brown activity.

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