The Problem

Thousands of compassionate families fill Food Paks with nutritional food, which are delivered directly into the homes of families they have never met. Trained ministry partners pick up food from our warehouse and operate distribution centers, feeding nearly 30,000 people every week! Faithful volunteers package and prepare food, or wrap the thousands of toys given to children during the holiday season. Generous donors with a heart to feed and clothe the hungry write monthly checks, enabling our efforts to continue around the clock. Caring corporations give truckloads of quality products to those who could, otherwise, never afford them. In countries around the world, CHF builds strong relationships with indigenous leaders who have a passion for their own people, and provide food and other aid to support their ministries.

Plan of Action

"Serving children in need...across America and around the world." To meet the thousands of needs that exist in the world today, Children's Hunger Fund utilizes an extensive network of generous ministries, companies and individuals who help transform children's lives from hunger to hope. It has been said that a person can live forty days without food, four days without water, four minutes without air, but only four seconds without hope. Hope restores faith to a life that has been robbed of dignity. Hope replaces a past of hunger, brokenness, and despair with a bright future of opportunity. It is hope that CHF seeks to restore.

Project Updates

Myanmar, July 2008

Two months after Cyclone Nargis hit the coast of Myanmar, millions of people still need help. The latest reports estimate 140,000 dead and 2.4 million people seriously affected. Some say that the victims will still need serious help on into April 2009. Here in the west, news stories about the humanitarian crisis there and in China have slowed down to a trickle. Likewise, donations of aid have done the same. With reports of the Junta government’s apparent mishandling or hoarding, people have become more hesitant to give. There is a lack of confidence that that donated funds will actually reach those in need. (See Non-Profit Times, June 2008).

Despite this, Children’s Hunger Fund has been able, by God’s grace, to get aid directly into the hands of the church in Myanmar. Children’s Hunger Fund has built a relationship with a trusted Indian pastor who is going secretly to local church leaders in Myanmar. He is providing them with rice, medicine, seeds for future harvest, fishing boats and fishing nets to the victims in their communities. These churches then take aid and into the townships that have not received any help from anyone. With these tools they are able to build relationships and share the Gospel the poor families.

Writing about his time in Myanmar, the Indian pastor reports the following:
“How can I say thanks to God for the privilege He gives me to keep visiting this beautiful and wonderful country of Myanmar? Some years ago, I would never have thought of Myanmar but now I have been 8 times – always on a spiritual mission of training and equipping and resourcing pastors of churches toward a more effective biblical ministry. It was however a different kind of spiritual ministry that took me to Myanmar this last time.

“I would not have been able to go if the Lord Jesus did not stir the minds and hearts and financial ability of friends to be behind this trip to visit, make contact, and practically get help to victims of Cyclone Nargis that hit the Irrawady Delta Region of Southern Myanmar.

“I personally think that the people in Myanmar are generally very resilient and a very patient and kind people. The pastors told me that the people [believers in the church] experienced true koinonia [fellowship] as they spontaneously cared for and shared resources with each other. Pictures of even children feeding other children and stories like that of a lady who had lost her house and belongings contributing funds to help someone else build their house were very challenging and encouraging.”

Children’s Hunger Fund gives thanks to God for the opportunity to be able send funds to purchase aid in the Irrawady Delta region. As donations continue to come in, we are strategizing other ways to help. Lord willing, we will also be able to visit the country of Myanmar and the local church leaders serving and working for the sake of the gospel in the cyclone areas.

Please continue to praise God along with us for all that He has done in Asia, and pray for God’s continued grace and strength for those in Myanmar so that all would honor the Coming Kin.g.


This video is raw footage from several of the villages that were hit hard by the Cyclone. It was taken by our partner as he toured the devastation. Because of the sensitive nature of our operations in this country, little more information about these villages can be shared. Please pray for these people as they rebuild their lives. Pray for the local churches that are bringing aid to these homes and a new hope for the future.

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