Mobile Food Pantry, Toys for Kids, Christmas Snowball Fight...Sock it to me!

The Problem

Kid's in local schools in North Vernon, IN...Jennings County are going to school without socks and underwear. Some parents can barely afford the outer clothing, books and supplies for their children; therefore, the socks are seen as something that has to be done without. I would like to receive a SEED grant to purchase socks and underwear to be distributed at the "A Little Something Extra Christmas Celebration", on December 18, 2012 at the Methodist Church in North Vernon, IN. The celebration is a night when the Gleaners Feed America mobile food pantry will be there to serve those in need, toys will be distributed to those that are eligible and their will be chilli in a cup to eat while the event is going on. What better to have then a snowball fight to fit in with this night of festiviites!

Plan of Action

If I am lucky enough to receive the grant, socks and underwear will be distributed at the "A Little Something Extra Christmas Celebration". Some of the socks will be made into balls and the members of the STOMP team and kids attending the event, will engage in an indoor snowball fight and then leave with some socks and underwear in their size.

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