Cinco de Mayo

The Problem

The seventh grade Leadership Class of Alma, Michigan and the Alma College Students (Spring Term 2008) that are training to be teachers, are wanting to host a multicultural celebration, Cinco de Mayo, on May 5. The Leadership Class will set up four different stations, in which we will rotate the children through. There will be a worksheet and a map to show how the French came over to fight the battle of Puebla. Also, we will provide a snack. The snack will be a vanilla wafer. The vanilla wafer will be frosted and a single gumdrop will be place on the top of each wafer with confetti sprinkles. The cookie will turn out looking like a sombrero. Another station we will have the children rotate through is a beading station. The final station is a Mexican game the children will be able to play and win a prize. Our goal is to educate to youngsters on Cinco de Mayo, while providing a fun and relaxing learning environment for the day.

Plan of Action

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