Cinderella Dreams- Cape Cod Ma

Official Project

The Problem

My Cinderella Dreams Before The Stroke of Midnight: Non profit organization to provide prom gowns to local teens unable to attend prom due to financial restrictions.The unemployment rate on Cape Cod is higher than ever. Tourism is down,and the fishing industry is having problems as well.Teachers,fire and police departments are being cut do to town budget crisis. Teens are unable to find adequate employment. Cape Cod has a limited amount of job opportunities so the financial needs affect a large cross section of our population. My project helps every teen whose family is going through financial difficulty. I do not want any teen who wants to attend prom thwarted by lack of money to purchase a gown. The high schools do provide prom tickets if necessary.

Plan of Action

I started this when I was 14. There were no other groups that had offered this service on Cape Cod Ma. I started at my own high school and gave out 6 gowns.I now have annual events with a church and a senior center. As far as impact, I have provided about 400 gowns over the course of 4 years. Good community awareness and impact as evidenced by the support of local bridal stores, senior center,churches,school personnel and the hundreds of citizens that contribute. The project was honored by Cape Cod Philanthropy and Red Cross Hero's.

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