City of Sanford/Lee County Youth Council

The Problem

Having both my mother and stepfather working in the school system, bettering education is a key issue with me. Keeping with that conviction, I proposed a plan to encourage reading at a younger age.

Plan of Action

Without money the plan to put a book in the hands of every first grader would be nearly impossible to achieve. But, with a generous $5,000 grant from the Wal-Mart foundation, the Council was able to finance this ambitious endeavor. After choosing the type of book that would best suit the varying reading levels of first graders, I organized the purchase and distribution of the books to each of the elementary schools in the county. Afterward, I volunteered to read to the classes at Deep River Elementary. My plan was put into action and was a rousing success. As a result, the first major project of the Youth Council resulted in praise from the local paper, the School Board, and most importantly a book in the hands of every first grader.

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