Clapham Sect: Phase II

The Problem

There are still 27 million people enslaved in today’s world. That is more than all the slaves over the 400 year of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. These slaves are held in unimaginable conditions and undergo unthinkable hardships. This is a crisis that can not be ignored. Luckily there are students around the country who are motivated to make a difference. I am starting a campaign called Clapham Sect: Phase II (named after the Clapham Sect; the group of people William Wilberforce worked with to abolish slavery in the British Empire) which will be community of student abolitionist. The idea of it will be that we can offer support, prayers, ideas, and information to each other. The way it will work is I will send each member student a flash drive with information on it about modern day slavery and what they can do about it. As more people join, via email we can update each other on our efforts and attach information. So our data base of information and ideas will be ever growing. Also, we can support each other in prayer and word. New abolitionists can draw off the experience of others and seek advice when planning events. I think that if the students around the world will ban together we can get so much more done and be much more effective. The events I am planning are: a loose change drive at my school to raise money, a concert to raise money, awareness raising events, and a sport team sponsorship program to raise money. All the money raised will go to organizations that fight modern day slavery on the front lines. I will use the grant to purchase to flash drives to send students information.

Plan of Action

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