The Clean Ocean's Project: Chartering Program

The Problem

Plastic pollution in the gyres is a huge issue that not alot of people are aware or care about. And many people feel recycling is the answer and one of our goals is to educate people about the myths of recycling plastic.

Plan of Action

This problem needs to be solved and can be done so in multiple ways. Volunteer groups like Key club and Interact are so succesfull in their service projects because of their global youth influence the environmental movement is lacking that. I have created an envrionmental group associated with The Clean Oceans Project; a non profit based in Santa Cruz California. If my attempts are succesfull envrionmental clubs which were once independent entities will be united in the issue of plastic pollution. My own personal charter is raising money to purchase a water bottle refilling station in order to reduce our schools plastic water bottle consumption. I represented my clubs concerns and spoke with the superintendent of our school district and helped impose a styrofoam ban district wide. We also do frequent beach surveys which collect data to monitor the amount of trash on a certain beach and how it changes over time. Other charters can follow our lead our even take new approaches to solve the problem of plastic pollution. The important thing about our branch of clubs is that we aim at addressing this issue with positivity and stray away from the guilt many environmental problems impose on people.

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