Clean Out for Kids Campaign

The Problem

The communities that we are helping through our campaign effort include both impoverished children around the world and underprivileged children here in the United States. In many countries, impact fees, such as fees for school supplies, uniforms, and books prevent children from attending school. We have found that here in the United States many children attend school without the adequate school supplies that they need to receive a valuable education. Without the tools to succeed, children are continuing the cycle of poverty by not advancing themselves through knowledge and learning. We hope to eliminate the barriers to this cycle by providing the educational tools that children need to build their confidence and expand their opportunities.

Plan of Action

By partnering with the Orange County School District,City of Orlando, local schools, and youth volunteers we hope to recycle slightly used school supplies for children in need. We have already successfully collaborated with the School District and City of Orlando to obtain support and identified school advocates for the initiative. We are working with our city's local Waste Management organization and have obtained donations of recycling bins for the materials. Meetings with local United Way Volunteer Resource Center and Community Investment representatives have helped to develop a recruitment strategy for youth involvement and expansion of the campaign. We are also anticipating recruitment of local environmental groups and clubs affiliated with the local university to participate in the collection and sorting process of the materials. The campaign will start around Earth Day and will provide local schoolchildren the opportunity for fun, environmentally focused activities to participate in throughout the campaign to increase excitement and knowledge. These activities and other resource materials, such as signage and instructions are being prepared for the school advocates that will be hand delivered by volunteers involved in the campaign. The campaign will end around the end of the school year at which time the materials will be collected, sorted, and re-packaged for delivery. We will then distribute to the underprivileged areas within the county as well as set aside materials to meet international needs. We will document the useful collections by weight to determine the success of the project and allocations. Through children donating to less fortunate children, we will be able to facilitate charity through our school system and community while addressing a much-needed cause.

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