The Problem

Contaminated water infects and kills children. I wants to raise money to stop this by fighting these diseases that travel through unsafe water. The money raised goes to build wells.

Plan of Action

I have been on a mission since September 2011. My passion is to provide CLEAN WATER to people. I know CLEAN WATER SAVES LIVES. This project is ongoing and forever evolving with new ideas and great big dreams. I collect recyclables every Friday in my neighborhood and at school, make and sell "BLING" BRACELETS 4 LIFE, and had a lEMONADE AND BLING STAND in Septmeber 2012. We were so EXCITED TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! IT WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. I am continuing to talk with my principal to see if I can start a school wide recycling program where all the proceeds would go to providing CLEAN WATER. My latest venture was "MAKING a STAND" on December 9. It was great! I had HOT CIDER, "special edition" Christmas ornaments, and my "Bling" Bracelets for sale. I am excited to let all my friends, family, neighbors, club members, and classmates know that the *******FIRST WELL was funded on December 31, 2012.******* So many lives will be changed forever because of your caring and generous hearts. Stay tuned for my next venture!!! Looking forward to making WELL #2 become a reality. God is GOOD! LETS "MAKE A STAND" TOGETHER! To make a DONATION you can click on the link at the bottom of the page. It will take you to my website. Thank you for helping me help others.

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