Clean WATER4LIFE: Recycling Project September 2013

The Problem

Contaminated water infects and kills children. I want to raise money to stop this by fighting these diseases that travel through unsafe water. The money raised goes to World Vision's Water Hygiene and Sanitation Project. The project provides clean water by building wells and educates the people on hygiene, as well.

Plan of Action

I have been on a mission since September 2011. My passion is to provide CLEAN WATER to people. I know CLEAN WATER SAVES LIVES. This project is ongoing and forever evolving with new ideas and great big dreams. I will continue to collect recyclables in my neighborhood and am starting up again at school. I continue to be excited to see what GOD makes HAPPEN! To date close to $14,000.00 has been raised. I am still hoping to start a school wide recycling program and will be speaking with my principal again this year. Stay tuned for my next "LET"S MAKE A STAND" coming Fall 2013!!! GOD is GOOD! To make a DONATION you can click on the link at the bottom of the page. It will take you to my website. Thank you for helping me help others.

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