Clear the Shelves for a Good Deed

The Problem

The biggest changes can come through the smallest efforts. Perhaps you’ve wanted to make a difference for our world, give to a non-profit organization, or create a movement but you're not sure how to go about it, especially in these challenging economic times. Now you can make a difference simply through your next trip to the grocery store. Now through October 18, Cabot Creamery is donating 5% of sales of 8 oz. Cabot cheese bars (whether or not those packages carry the Good Deed logo) sold in NY, NJ and CT to Good Deed Foundation to help provide lasting solutions for women and families living in poverty in our local communities. The goal is to sell 240,000 bars of Cabot cheese, thereby helping to reduce the growing number of women and families in poverty. Help spread the word by telling your friends and posting the event on your blog! Why is this important? Nonprofits may be forced to curtail many of their programs due to the tumultuous economic environment. If this two-week trial with Cabot is successful, many other businesses and retail outlets are expected to collaborate with Good Deed Foundation -- resulting in a new revenue stream to help offset tighter budgets. With your help, women and families can be provided with resources and skills to improve their lives. We can’t do this alone! That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Plan of Action

HOW TO HELP OUT: □Purchase eight-ounce bars of Cabot cheese from your local supermarket in NY, NJ or CT □Blast a “Clear the Shelves for a Good Deed” email to your friends and colleagues□Post about your Good Deed on your blog or Facebook/MySpace profile□Temporarily change your email signature to reflect the cool way people can raise money□Blog your own ideas to stimulate action□Pick up, distribute and use $1 off 2 Cabot products coupons □Send a mass text message □Serve up a Good Deed: oHost a wine and cheese party using 8 ounce bars of Cabot cheese oInvite the women in your neighborhood for a social gathering. Serve cheese hors d’oeuvres and feed off each other’s creativity! oPlan a cheesy bake sale with friends and donate proceeds to a local charity that helps impoverished women and children oCommemorate Columbus Day (Monday, October 13) with a special pasta and cheese dish □Construct a flyer and hand it to a stranger □Walk the streets of your city with the Good Deed logo. Simply find the logo online or on a Cabot cheese bar, cut it out, and accessorize! Whether it is on a handbag, t-shirt, or wristband…use your imagination. Happy walking! □Visit

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