Clinton High School EcoAction Club

The Problem

The Clinton High School EcoAction Club is a group of students devoted to making our school a more sustainable place to learn.

Plan of Action

The goal of our group is to recycle bottles, cans, paper, and even ink cartridges and computers. We are also trying to get our school to make the switch to biodegradeable plates, napkins, and untensils, as well as recycled paper. We believe that our club makes a positive image for our school and community that will inspire others to follow our lead.

Project Updates

2/23/08-Since starting EcoAction, more than 20 students have become actively involved in the operation and maintainence of the club. Our club directly impacts the more than 1300 students of Clinton High School, the more than 80 staff members, and the support staff of more than 20. We have impacted these people so that they now have more respect for the environment and conservation.

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