Clothe the Country!

Official Project

The Problem

Where I live, in Venezuela, so many families cannot afford the high cost of baby clothing. Due to the high cost of imports and ever-rising inflation, too many children go without the right sized shoes or clothing and many baby items must be stolen in order to be obtained or families go without.

Plan of Action

To address this issue we want to open donation centers across Venezuela so that resourceful communities who have an excess of clothing and materials can feel comfortable and confident donating their items without fear of being robbed or that the items will be misallocated or wasted. We seek to open these centers using the donations from these types of families to spur the resource side of this initiative. Then, we want to make these lightly used or refurbished items available to the public at extremely low (or what you would consider a reasonable) cost. This effort would mimic Goodwill donation centers which allow gently used and pre-owned clothing to be refurbished to the public at a minimal cost, making clothes affordable for all members of the community.

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