Clothes for Class

The Problem

Time to clean out those closets for charity! Most of us have a major growth spirt between 6th and 8th grade. One day you wake up to put on your favorite outfit only to find you've outgrown it! Don't throw it back in the closet, donate it! Sometimes when we watch TV or look at the images in magazines we forget that having brand name, new clothes is a luxury. Hand me down clothing should be thought of as articles delivered by caring hands. Before donating an item ask yourself, "If it fit, would I wear it?" These clothes will be donated to the local Salvation Army and Children's Home Society for school age children. Make sure that the clothes you donate are clean and in good condition. You want the children who receive them to be happy and proud of their "new" clothes, not too embarrassed to wear them. Don't forget shoes and accessories!

Plan of Action

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