The Problem

Last year, C. Milton Wright High School conducted a survey that asked students about their in-school bullying experiences. The results are as follows: 24% of students reported being bullied in the last 30 days, while 73% of the student body had witnessed bullying in the past 30 days. However, over 62% had ignored or watched the bullying, while only 13% had tried to stop the bully and/or help the victim. This year, a group of students at C. Milton Wright High School have decided to create a club in order to change these statistics. This organization, entitled UNITE (UNified In Tolerance and Equality), strives to find commonalities and create relationships between a diverse range of students in order to create a more accepting school atmosphere. In addition, UNITE hopes to impact the larger community (including neighboring schools) through the facilitation of a variety of anti-bullying campaigns and projects.

Plan of Action

It is no secret that while the bully might perpetrate the harassment, the bullying itself is fueled by the students who watch and do nothing. Because of this, it is paramount that the UNITE club is run by and for students. In order to carry this out, UNITE has created an executive board of dedicated student leaders who are committed to maintaining and expanding the organization, as well as over 45 student members and a variety of other school organizations that are passionate about making a difference. We plan on providing both a support system for young people who are being bullied (regardless of race, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background), as well as a variety of campaigns for tolerance (including a yearly Bullying Awareness Day, an online icon that combats cyberbullying, and a "mix it up" lunch that encourages students to break stereotypes). Finally, we hope to fund-raise in order to organize school assemblies that host a variety of anti-bullying speakers.

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