Collective for Arts, Freedom, and Ecology

The Problem

I am part of an organization called the Collective for Arts, Freedom, and Ecology. We are a group of student activist that are working on solidarity with the homeless, educating the public on street drug safety, a free grocery to low income and homeless families, and the art community in Fresno. After hurricane Katrina, a study was done on the economy of the U.S. and its homeless and Fresno ranks number 2 under New Orleans. We distribute jackets, sleeping bags, and blankets to the homeless and free clothes donated by other activist and friends . Every Sunday we offer a free meal in a local park to any hungry stomach. Right now, we are in the process of buying a building that we can hold meetings and host our programs. We are currently renting out a space in Fresno's Chinatown...Fresno's 'Harlem' home to the homeless, immigrants, people of color, and people that regularly abuse substance. The C.A.F.E. building is important because it host meetings for a womyn's collective where women can meet and talk about health, relationships, gender issues, and orientation in a safe space. The building also host art hop's where local artist come and showcase their work, preferably political, that helps the public awareness on issues of police brutality, the anti- war movement, and anti-classism. The building is home to Earth First! activist where they can hold public meetings about ecology and inform the public on air quality which affects many in Fresno because we have horrible smog. And finally, the building also host poetry readings by college faculty and lectures from accredited scholars on globalization, indigenious rights, and militerism.

Plan of Action

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