College Mentors For Kids

Official Project

The Problem

Our college campus organization brings local elementary students grades 1-4 to our university weekly throughout the school year. This is a Indiana state wide organization with chapters across the state. Our chapter at Indiana State University is starting at a new school this semester. This requires a lot of planning, organization, and funding to get this year going and for it to be a successful year. The students that we bring to school are considered to be at risk. Our main goal of College Mentors for Kids is to INSPIRE them to stay in school, EDUCATE them about what they can do in the future, and CONNECT them with our college campus. Because these children are at risk, many of them have not had exposure to a college campus so it is a wonderful opportunity for them. When the children come to our campus we do weekly activities with them to help them realize the benefits of staying in school. Our activities are centered around three main topics: Higher Education, Culture and Diversity, and Community Service. Our headquarters web page can be found at

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