The Problem

In our day and age, is appears that becoming an artist is an unrealistic job that fails to support. This idea of 'starving artists' discourages the youth into working hard in their passion in the arts, due to the overlapping lectures of people in their life telling them an artist is an unrealistic career choice, but most importantly, the influence of their environment that is empty of art. Art classes are evidently being stripped from elementary, middle AND high school schools that's main speciality is art. Art is spiritual awakening, a political and social movement in the world, but serves more as a hidden gem. Art is a form communication. Art done by the youth can do more than just inspire the youth, art can make neighborhoods and the overall city more vibrant, promote positive progression and encourage the youth to be productive in their passion in the arts.

Plan of Action

Majority of the youth in my city dreams to move to places such as New York City, San Francisco, LA, New Orleans etc. These popular places are full of so much art, which attracts the human psyche even more so. I aspire to do the same to my city that doesn't seem to support artists- to paint vibrant public murals in multiple neighborhoods that promote this positivity, diverse, inspiring world of art that human eyes are naturally intrigued by. Do to this I would meet with multiple building owners in various districts in the city, present them these ideas of growth and progression in Milwaukee's art scene, offer drafts of ideas for the mural on their building as well as my experience in mural painting, compromise their ideas with mine and get approval. Once permission from the building owner is verified it will be written in a letter and sent to the Anti Graffiti Committee in my city, informing them of a mural coming soon in the stated district so authority could not interfere. From there, the mural would be painted with the gathering of various high school youth in Milwaukee, paint, scaffold, etc.

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