Coloring for the kids

The Problem

I know of may people who have been at the hospital because of various illnesses. I want to change the bordem that they have everyday. They constantly have their mind set on what they are going through. I know from the people that I have talked to that they wished that they had a distraction.

Plan of Action

I am going to hold an coloring book drive at my school. I will ask people to donate any old coloring books and/ or crayons and markers that they wont be using now that they are older. All of these will go to children i the hospital with hand written notes on the inside covers of each books. Some examples of the notes are "You are a fighter" or "stay strong" or "Your'e such a big girl/boy" or maybe even " We care about you." I know that when I was little I wanted attention and to be treated like a big girl and the kids will want just the same.

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