C.O.M.E Foundation

The Problem

The objective of this foundation is to provide or help provide an adequate education to children who live in nations such as India, Armenia, and China, who are not as fortunate as we are. One way we plan to achieve this goal is an art competition. The money is going to benefit children in India. About ten schools are already participating in this competition. We plan to give fifty forms to each school. One form consists of one manila envelope, and two sheets of paper. The fee to enter this competition is $5.00. 10% of this money is going back to the participant's school. 90% of the money is sent directly to the foundation. It is then converted into rupees and sent to India, and used accordingly. Some of the things it might buy include a uniform, school supplies, or helping pay tuition. A grant would provide many things for the foundation. For one, the money would be used for the forms. The money would also be used for postage, which includes postage stamps and the money required to ship all the raised money to India. At the end of the art competition, all of the pieces will be showcased. The remaining money would be used to make the showcasing a little more decorative. This project is well organized. As one of the volunteers, I can say that we know what we’re doing. We also think that it is very achievable.

Plan of Action

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