Common Ground Friends

The Problem

One of the most prevalent disturbances I witness is faith intolerance. People of all ages, religious affiliations, and backgrounds audaciously look at someone outside their own community and ostracize his/her views as “wrong” or simply “invalid.” While organized religion is truly beautiful, humanity has allowed it to created unnecessary divergence. Today, religion is generally denounced as the source behind all wars, the propeller for hatred; however, it is actually the lack of respect between people that creates the tension.

Plan of Action

With my father as a guide, I created and chartered the first student-driven interfaith group in South Florida. This group, Common Ground Friends, emphasizes that we must see the world of religion as a full circle of faith rather than bounding lines of differences. Through interfaith dialogue, gatherings, and learning, this group strives to pursue coexistence not only in South Florida, but also across the globe. Common Ground Friends seeks to find and respect the common ground that lies beneath every practicing religion. Ignorance separated humanity, but communal respect can unify us once again. While I can only hope that my small, underdeveloped interfaith group will create universal coexistence some day, I successfully took one step toward that goal.

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