Community Day Playground Build

The Problem

When children do not move and exercise, a variety of long-term problems arise. Obesity, lack of attention span during class, lack of ability to work as a team, lack of want to take risks. All research shows that without play, children grow up to be non-productive adults. We could not let our students be in this position, just because our playground was 12 years old, rotting, too small and as the kids say "too boring". We will ensure after this playground build that all of students are moving around during recess and after-school getting all of the benefits of PLAY!

Plan of Action

We looked around during recess and saw that not everyone was playing. In fact, many of the girls were just standing around talking not getting any exercise at all. This was just not acceptable to us. So we decided in April that by the beginning a next school year our children would have a new playground that was not "boring", but would be one where every student was hanging, climbing, swinging, sliding.

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