Community Garden

The Problem

We are part of AmeriCorps Food warrior program partnering with Cultivating Community. One of our projects we are trying to accomplish is to have a community garden near our high school (Casco Bay High School). We do a lot of community organizing so we always have new ideas that we want to do in the community. The community garden will help bring the community of Casco Bay together, teach people what sustainable urban gardening is, and have people eating healthier. We believe that everyone deserves to eat healthily and know where there food comes from. The community garden is a gateway for even bigger possibilities.

Plan of Action

Our group will be going to the community near Casco Bay High School and doing a survey of why they think huger exist in Maine? We want to get as much feedback from the community. This will help spread the word everywhere upon neighbors and communities around Portland ME. In addition we are presenting to the school board in order to let the officials know what is going to happen around our community. Also many outreaches will be implanted in order to let people know what’s going on and how they can support us. We are going to tell other organizations that support food justice and let them know why we are doing it. We hope that this can flourish into the community slowly so everyone gets to know by either their neighbor or friend.

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