Community Science Bat STEM Study

The Problem

Bats are experiencing the most precipitous decline of any mammal in the last 100 year. (TN Bat Working Group) Over 6 million bats in the United States have died due to white-nose syndrome. (USFW) We began our journey working with a wildlife biologist with the US Forest Service at our annual Land Between the Lake environmental retreat. We decided we wanted to help do something about declining populations because of the importance of bats to farmers in our rural community. Our project began three years ago and is a sustainable STEM study with annual field study follow up. Check out our facebook page at FAEcologyClub or our video on utube. We have taken proactive measures to help bats and join the Department of the Interior and the USFW service by providing quality habitats for bats before and after their exposure to white-nose.

Plan of Action

Annual STEM project and annual field study for habituation rates, repairs, and variable noted. Our project is education and conservation. states. "...the most misunderstood animal on earth." We want people to not fear bats and recognize their importance in the web of life.

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