Community Service Project

The Problem

I organized this service project to better the condition of a small community church in a poor-hispanic area of Tampa. I collected the funds to buy all materials needed and donated them towards the project. I gathered the participants from amongst my friends and half-a-dozen adults, some of which that attended this church willing to help. We painted and cleaned the entire interior of the church building. This project took more than 12 hours to complete along with numerous hours of planning and the calling of everybody who played a role in the production of this project. This includes employees from Home Depot to help in the decision of which paint and tools to use for this project. By the end of the day, the walls had been washed, and freshly painted with a new coat of paint, the floors have been scrubbed, cleaned, and vacuumed efficiently and the bathrooms were cleaned and then repainted.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign