Composting for Kids

Official Project

The Problem

The project that I plan on undertaking is to construct 3 medium sized compost bins for the Toledo Area Metro Parks. These bins will all be connected to form a composting system where the material to be composted will be placed in the first box, then as it further decomposes it will be moved to the second box, and finally be moved to the third box for the final stage of decomposition. These boxes will also include aeration tubes to hasten the decomposition process. The aeration tubes will be Sealed Tiling Pipes from Tractor Supply Company. The tubes will be 3 to 4 inches in diameter, and approximately 4 feet tall. I will lead my team in the planning, development and construction of these compost bins. These bins will go to the new complex, Blue Creek Conservation Area, where they will serve a dual purpose. The first purpose of these bins is to allow the Metro parks to teach the young children from the visiting elementary schools more about composting, and recycling waste instead of simply throwing it away. The second purpose of these bins is simply to promote the recycling of all the biodegradable waste produced in the Metro Parks. The entire purpose of this project is to recycle and teach the youth about recycling and composting. We will be using recycled materials from the metro parks as most of the components for the bins. We will also create a sign that tells a little about the decomposition process. Pamphlets will also be made to teach the groups of school children more about composting.   Compost bins are greatly needed for the new Conservation Site. These bins will help the Metro Parks to teach the young children more about the values and the positive effects of composting. The bins will also recycle all biodegradable waste produced in the Metro Parks.    

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