The CONNECT Academy

The Problem

Children who are identified as "at-risk" or economically disadvantaged typically attend schools with less funding, few resources, have a difficult time attracting and keeping highly qualified staff, and often can not provide the quality education they deserve. Additionally, these students are at a higher risk for dropping out of school, performer poorer than student who attend schools in more affluent neighborhoods, and are less prepared to enter college. To add on to this, student often come to school with a variety of academic and non-academic (i.e. behavioral, financial, medical, etc) needs that are not able to be effectively addressed on a traditional public school campus.

Plan of Action

The CONNECT Academy is a propose open-enrollment charter school for Fort Bend County in Houston, TX. The CONNECT Academy will serve students in grades 6-8 in its first year and will subsequently add a grade level every year until we reach grade 12. The CONNECT Academy will be a powerful educational program designed to meet the holistic needs of students in Fort Bend Country. With a rich and innovative academic curriculum intertwined with intense academic, visual/ performing arts, and athletic concentrations, TCA takes the concept of “college prep” to another level. Our vision is to directly address student performance, engagement, and social and emotional development by “arming” students with the knowledge, tools, and connections needed during their academic careers in order to gain and be successful beyond their educational experience. Our long term goal is to challenge students to take an active role in their education, think critically and innovatively, navigate and maintain positive working relationships, explore and realize their inherent potential, and effectively plan for the future. The CONNECT Academy’s model is unique, comprehensive, and innovative in nature. Taking the concept of college preparatory to the next level, The CONNECT Academy seeks to expose its students to a rich and rigorous curriculum infused with arts education, college-like experiences, wrap-around services, and character and resilience development, producing college-ready, ambitious, and confident young adults. As The CONNECT Academy Conquerors, we will seek to “arm” our students to be successful beyond graduation by teaching them to set goals, identify and prepare for obstacles and challenges, effectively problem-solve and resolve conflict, and achieve their goals despite negative circumstances.

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