Conserve It Forward Care Cans

The Problem

We all know that being outdoors in nature helps people be healthier, and also helps them feel better. Sometimes, due to a long-term injury, illness or other reason, people are not able to get active outdoors like they would like to. I want to help fill in the time until they can go out and enjoy nature again! I started an environmental project at age 9 in 2010 that turned into a non-profit group which helps people learn about the environment, and how to help it. Care Cans take my favorite efforts from that project, and puts them together into a way I can share them with people who are not able to go outdoors and actively enjoy the environment!

Plan of Action

Conserve It Forward Care Cans bring people a little of the outdoors, as well as a lot of care from people around the world! Filled with 100 nature themed messages, each Care Can will provide its recipient with over 3 months of daily doses of the outdoors! The 100 messages are a mix of the “3 Ways to Participate” found below, but detailed at It's been less than 2 weeks since I started this new project and I have collected signatures, artwork and photos from people in 6 countries! 3 easy ways to participate: 1) Sign your name and location digitally from anywhere in the world; it just takes a minute to participate by email! 2) Print blank cards for your classroom or group to color, then mail them to us! 3) Donate your nature themed artwork or photos to be used on the cards

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