Constructing a New Library

The Problem

After a few short years and a substantial increase in our city's population the demand for the construction of a new library in our community was more necessary than ever. The capacity for the number of patrons in our current library was constantly being exceeded and the demand for more materials, services and programs had substantially increased. With the increasing usage of the library's services by children, youth, and adults, it was evident that many things were lacking in the current buildings outdated design and structure. Due to the limited space and capacity of the current library the decision was made by our library board to pursue approval for the construction of a new library from local city council. With the support of the library staff and community, the Friends of the North Vancouver City Library were able to obtain approval from city council for the construction of a new library. Now the demand for new books, electronic media, children, adult, and senior programs is more than ever. Thus, with new fund raising campaigns, all money will go towards these new materials and programs that shall be used by the 50,000+ members in our community.

Plan of Action

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