Construction crew clean up

Official Project

The Problem

Down the road, a construction crew was building a new lotto/alcohol store. On a family outing, we walked to a local 711 convenient store. On our walk, we saw countless trash and cigarette butts on the ground and all over the sidewalk. Being a concerned environmentalist, I started worrying about the animals and people next door. I said something to my step brother and he had the same concern. More trash kept pilling up as the days went on and finally forced my step brother and I to do something about it.

Plan of Action

The next time we passed the construction site, my step brother and I started picking up the trash and carried it a few blocks to the nearest garbage can. The crew didn't think twice about us until we came back and picked up some more. We repeated this for about an hour and walked home happy we helped. The very next day, we drove by the sight; sadly, it was filled with dirty coffee cups, energy drinks, and trash. On our way home we had our parents drop us off and went to work again. This continued for about five days. On the last day, we saw one man throw this red bull empty can on the ground. His co-worker picked it back up and gave it to us to throw away. A week later, the crew was done and had moved to a different site. Hopefully, they added a trash can near by.

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