Cookies for Cancer

The Problem

Nazareth,Pennsylvania is a moderately well-off town. Many people have become believers of materialism. The focus has become new cars, best clothing, and most expensive Christmas gifts. People have also fallen into the habit of gossiping. Drama is a person's best friend here. This has started to change ever since 2005 when a student was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, a different student has been diagnosed each year. It seemed like a plague has hit Nazareth and the people's spirit has broken. On Novemeber 3rd, 2007, Andrew Milheim was diagnosed with midline carcinoma cancer. He was the first victim of this cancer in the U.S., and the 12th person on record in the world. Being that he was a good friend of mine and the majority of the high school population, this diagnosis was deeply upsetting. He had to be immediately hosptalized in Philadelphia. With a guess at how expensive hospital and hotel bills would be for his parents, students began to unite to fundraise for him. I decided to create a Cookies for Cancer fundraiser during the holiday season. My fundraiser and many others really showed that in times of desperation, the people of Nazareth could put materialistic disputes aside and help each other.

Plan of Action

I decided to create a Cookies for Cancer fundraiser. I made flyers, recruited people to help me bake, bought supplies, kept records of sales, and contacted a local chef to ask for any supplies donations. I baked over 5,000 cookies, made a lot of chocolate candy, and raised about $1,200 after deducting cost of supplies. This money went into a Friends of Andymil bank account other students set up for Andrew's parents. This money could be used for them to pay hospital bills, hotel bills, or transportation bills. By the end of the school year, there was around $10,000. This fundraiser unexpectedly united the community and helped Andrew's family a lot.

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