Cool Cones to Cure Cancer

The Problem

Our kids made up the idea to have a snowcone stand during the month of July to raise money to help with medical expenses for a friend from their neighborhood and school who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Plan of Action

The kids (ages 5,7,9 & 11) came up with the name, made designed and drew posters for the snowcone stand, drew flyers and distributed them all over the neighborhood and scheduled the time and place for when the stand would operate. The kids each donated $5 of their own and we put in $20 to buy the supplies. They are promoting the stand and making the snowcones, as well as interacting with the people and customers that come to the stand. At the end of the month, the kids will give the money raised to the family of the sick girl to help with their expenses in treating the cancer. On the first day of the stand, the kids raised $114.

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