Corporate Social Responsiblity: Minimum Hands Clean, Maximum Impact

The Problem

Triage Consulting Group is a healthcare consulting company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our corporate social responsibility mission is to make the greatest impact upon our community that we possibly can. Although many corporate firms verbally promote or sometimes fiscally support their employees in their volunteer work, Triage goes one step further. Triage is unique in that it encourages their employees to make an impact by providing each with 16 volunteer time off (VTO) hours per year. These hours, typically used during company time, are for various volunteer projects with any of our three community partners and on Triage's Founders' Days. The following is a summary of each community partner and Founders' Day: 1) Family House ( - Family House serves as a home away from home for families of critically ill children being treated at the UCSF Children's Hospital. Families come from at least 50 miles away for treatment. Families are not charged during their stay, but contribute what they can. Family House serves at least 2,000 families each year, and occupancy is almost always at 100 percent. Triage Impact: Through our partnership with Family House, we have had the opportunity to impact the families that reside there by the environment of their home away from home. In the past three years, we have remodeled 8 bedrooms, 3 common living areas, and 2 bathrooms - providing fresh paint, new furniture and amenities that were chosen by an interior decorator for their soothing tones and functionality. Triage funds these remodels by planning and hosting an annual Casino Night in San Francisco where over 200 guests gamble and bid on auction items. 2) Redding School - Redding School is located in the Polk Gulch community of San Francisco, where a diverse mix of native and immigrant students attend grades K-5. Since 1998, Triage has collaborated with Redding School through our Pen Pal Program and we are committed to helping the students achieve grade level reading scores. Triage Impact: In our Pen Pal, Triage employees exchange monthly letters with students which encourage the students to use their weekly spelling words and practice their writing skills. Furthermore, Triage employees make quarterly visits to the school and hosts activities like "Reading Days" that focus on engaging students in educational activities that make reading fun, or "Outdoor Adventure Days" which involves taking the students to local parks and teaching them about the environmental conservation. 3) Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy - Triage's partnership with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy allows us to work with many different parks in the Bay Area. Triage Impact: Past events include the removal of invasive plant species at Alcatraz gardens and in the Presidio and beach clean-ups at Baker Beach. In addition to our partnership, Triage promotes environmental conservation in the work place. In 2007, Triage formed the Triage Green Committee which was established to minimize Triage's negative impact on the environment and influence actions by our co-workers. This committee hosts an annual Green Fair at Triage which educates employees on every day ideas to save the environment. In 2007, Triage employees recycled more than 15,000 pounds of paper, 1,000 pounds of cans and bottles as well as hundreds of ink and toner cartridges and batteries. (On a side note, Triage made a conscious effort to purchase Fair Trade Coffee at work.) 4) Founders' Day - To celebrate the founding of our company, each spring, we take the funds we would have used for a social gathering and, instead, invest it in organizations in our community that do not have the funds or the manpower to accomplish their “dream projects”. On Founders’ Day, Triage closes its doors and our employees spend the day volunteering in the community. More recent Founders' Day activities consist of building a play structure at Edgewood Center, hosting a casino day at Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation, completing a makeover for the Omni Senior Center (including painting, and setting up new furniture), and cooking dinners at San Francisco's Ronald McDonald House.

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