Courage Home

The Problem

I have been engaged in the voluntary work in an organization an i am one of the founder member also. we have started the courage Home for the welfare of the children surviving the cancer. Its a kind of the life after cancer program. we have no continually helping donors. we want to continue the program and we would like to give the program to the many children those who don't have idea to live their life after the cancer and most of the children spoils their life after the treatment finishes. Many children waiting for the program but we don't have the money to continue the program.

Plan of Action

I have a dream for those children those who has survived the cancer and cannot get the good guidelines for their life and are seeking for the good guidelines for their secure life. they have everyone when they are in treatment phase but they loose everyone when they finishes their treatment and want to make them sure that they have someone who can guide them for their secure future. Courage home will educate them and provide them different kind of the recreational and encouraging program as well.

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