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The Problem

Youth for Youth Involvement was developed by a group of teens that felt they had benefited from one or more of the programs sponsored by Family Youth Interventions (FYI). YFYI (pronounce why-fie) has since been involved in many community activities from fundraising, mentoring, and volunteering at community functions. The purpose of YFYI is to promote positive teen development and create a sense of belonging in our community. Leadership skills are enhanced as the teens themselves lead our activity efforts. Many of teens in the community have dropped out of high school, are having unsafe sex, do not have jobs, have uninvolved families, and families that are struggling financially. We want to show that resources are available to them through many non-profit organizations. YFYI members are interested in promoting healthy living to other youth in the community. Our project is to go to a local park and set up a stand near basketball courts that are commonly used by youth. At the table we plan to have safe sex kits, hygiene kits, first aid kits, and harm reduction kits available to youth in need. We will have information on drugs, safe sex, job opportunities, and referral information to other community resources. We will have music playing and free food and water available to attract youth to come speak to us and check out the things we have to offer them. Our goal is to reach the youth in the community who are in need or considered "at risk". According to the U.S. Census, 21% of school aged children in the Mt. Clemens Community School District come from families in poverty. We feel that this creates a strong need for outreach to provide these youth with multiple community resources at one time. We want to educate them on alternative lifestyles available to them. We will be in contact with organizations in the community who can help our targeted populations and see what information or brochures they can provide us with to distribute at our event. We currently raised $61 for the event through local bottle drives and plan to continue to do bottle drives monthly. We plan to make a proposal to the local Lion’s Club and other businesses to see if they would be willing to give monetary or material donations. This grant would give us the funds needed to purchase the items we need to make this event possible. Any extra funds would be used to sponsor this event another time at another park.

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