Cozies 4 Chemo

The Problem

Chemotherapy patients are often cold during there long treatments and the treatment areas are often plain and boring. In addition, kids today are spending too much time in front of the TV or video games and they are not socializing or getting involved in community service.

Plan of Action

I have started an organization called Cozies 4 Chemo which makes fleece blankets for cancers patients in hopes of providing them with some warmth and comfort during their treatments while also brightening up their day. In order to make these blankets I have brought many young groups together to help make the blankets. Some of these groups include Brownie & Girl Scout Troops, Religious Education Classes, Swim Teams, Groups of Friends looking for something good to do for others, Junior Honor Society Members, Community Service Clubs, Elementary School Clubs etc. In March of 2012, I organized and event for both adults and children. over 120 people attended. There were Grandparents, parents and young children who participated and in a 2 hour period we were able to make 116 blankets. Since that event I have been able to donate close to 300 blankets to local cancer centers, and through personal requests we have shipped blankets to many states throughout the U.S. My hope is to be able to continue doing what we do and to continue to grow. In order for this to be possible I need to apply for non-profit status so that we are able to reach out to companies and apply for grants etc. that will help with funding.

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