Crawfordsville Culture Murals

Official Project

The Problem

As a community, my local Spanish Club wants to paint large murals on various buildings to add flavor to downtown and to express our rich cultures. We have a large population of Hispanics, and my class thinks it would be great to blend all of the amazing cultures and paint it for all to see in an artistic way. We intend to bring all of the local teens from the other two highschools together to express what we feel. Many of the older generations express a certain amount of distaste towards the large population of hispanics. We want to make it an expression of how the teens of today feel, and we want the older generations to understand. Not only do we want it to be an anti-discrimination sign, we also want to brighten up our downtown by adding color and texture with a hint of history. The plans are still in progress, but it will happen.

Plan of Action

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