Creating a Positive Inspiring Outlet for Youth Involvement Through Arts and Athletics.

The Problem

With a warm welcoming hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Britni Nawrocki Gardner, I am an inspired young adult with visions of being a community based entrepreneur at a current age 20 years old, I am in process of outseeking the appropriate college, and have been a hardworking community leader in the central Florida region since I began to understand the concept of reality, I love to read and write and gain knowlege every waking moment. I live off of brightening up the lives of others with the sense of satisfaction on making a difference step by step to fullfil throughout all of my existence. My vision is to eliminate Negative influences that are in an abundance to create a sure result of success. Furthurmore, my target of action consists of creating positive and inspiring outlets for youth involvement through arts and athletics abroad. Starting in my hometown Ocala, Fl. A simple but exubrant project I most recently am focused upon and planning for is a unique course of training through hip-hop dance cultures. "Vibrant Flows of Hip-Hop Essentials". A knowledge filled class of music compositiion, character building techniques, and motivational insites of positive reanactment with hip-hop based culture. Correlateing to the most engaging youth genre of musical influence. As well as many more positive surprises. Below is an vauge outline of this projects planning: Week 1: Connecting in all aspects with the beat. Teaching objective: To expand into a full knowledge base of music composition. "Hear the Beat", by deciphering harmony and melody, bass, snare, purcussion, ect. "Know the beat", by learning how to read and write melody notes as well as mearsurement training. "See the beat", by involvement of a live 4 peice band playing selected patterns of music. finally, "Feel the beat", by certain exercises involving movement to different rhythmatic patterns in a particular song or beat. Week 2: Conditioning of Tempo Measures Teaching objective: Understanding the basics of tempo through pace and timing activities and exercise. Week 3: Breaking the body down into segments Teaching Objective: Using the power of intellects to create better energy driven movement through artistic and mental measures. By training the Mind to body realization factor through yoga and coordination. Week 4: Musical Genre of hip-hop culture Teaching Objective: To expand youth's strategic thinking by interests through research on a specific activity choosen. In this case Hip-Hop culture. Week 5: A Jazzy Spin of Hip-Hop Teaching Objective: Broadening the ideas of hip-hop dance by influenceing jazz technique throughout a hip-hop routine to inspire youth to be creative. Week 6: Collaboration of Latin and Reagge with hip-hop Teaching Objective: Understanding a wide and popular array of latin cultures through ballroom dancing in Salsa, Meringue, Bachatta, and Rumba as well as their potential in the upbringing of the hip-hop genre. Week 7: Boost your freestyling ability through mental technique Teaching Objective: Providing a speech of self recognition, expression, and motivation to conquer any challenge. As well as techniques to observe, decide, and act in the free will of dance. Week 8: Getting farmiliar with Breaking/ Krump/ Trance Teaching Objective: A fun a flavorful class with new ideas of Hip-Hop dance. Ellaborating even more of the idea of being creative through dance styles. Week 9: Shortcuts to success of choreography and teaching Teaching Objective: Creating a positive domenor in leadership. Enlightening the youth by sharing vital information in taking action in their dreams, providing role models to share their experiences, as well as guiding them in making a difference in their own way. As far as the movement in projection, a business proposal in more depth is beging reviewed in the first week of January by a dear friend Mrs. Nichole Bensen owner and proprietor of Jeanne Bensen's Ballet Dance Acadamy located in Ocala, FL. From there a buget will be made on the projects entertainment and special guests as well as a full fledge video production to form an instuctional DVD set that will be available to spread the word of excellence in several forms via creating more productivity in a positive manner. With the help of business proprietors and sponsors, I believe this project will be a major success. The goal is to make the enrollment options obtainable. By providing 25 hours of Community Services as an optional outlet taking place of the cost's of this class. Therefore training youth about giving and recieving while learning valuable information all free of charge in a wonderous union of hope to make a difference. Thank you for your dedication on providing incitement to young children. It has truly been an inspiration just coming across your site.

Plan of Action

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