Creativity Makes The WORLD Go Round

The Problem

When I was growing up, instead of having and ipad, I had a paint kit, or a coloring set. Instead of watching TV, I went outside and colored the streets in chalk because I thought it would make the world beautiful. I used my creativity to entertain me, and in today's society, you rarely find that. Kids need to experience a true childhood of exploring their creative side through art. Some kids don't even get the chance, and that is a problem because every kid deserves a chance to have a memorable childhood.

Plan of Action

I WANT THIS TO CHANGE NATIONALLY. HELP IT HAPPEN 1. To Start: 10 minutes everyday, make your siblings or child get off electronics and pick up a marker and draw something. Make a painting, or a story. Use your creativity! 2. For those who can't afford art supplies, I am going to raise money locally to get the supplies needed and will donate them to an organization. For some, art can be an escape from reality and to just reflect on your life. 3. Finally I want to start a club at an organization for local kids, (and under-priveledge kids) to come for an hour and participate in their own art project. They can make whatever they want, and it is their special time to explore their creative side!

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