Cu Chi Compassionate Home

The Problem

In 2011, I traveled with a humanitarian medical team (from Children of Peace International) in Vietnam. During the trip, we visited The Cu Chi Compassionate Home, a free daycare for street kids in Cu Chi, Vietnam. The children who attend Cu Chi Compassionate Home are some of the poorest children in the country: many have crossed the Cambodian border with their families in search of work but failed to make a living, others are the children of street peddlers, and still others are orphaned and have been left to sell their bodies. The nuns who run the Cu Chi Compassionate Home go out each morning to first collect recyclables to fund the facility, then to collect the children who are left to themselves on the streets. They then bring the children to the Cu Chi Compassionate Home for free meals and education. Often, the nuns even skip their own meals to feed the children. This facility has touched me deeply. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think back to Cu Chi and the children there.

Plan of Action

My plan is to find funding for the Cu Chi Compassionate Home for one year. I have already begun an indiegogo (online fundraising campaign) and put on a community art auction for the cause. It costs only $500 to fund the Cu Chi Compassionate Home for one month. Thus, a seed grant from would pay for food, shelter, and education for the children for one month! In the year that I fund the facility, I plan to seek out long-term funders for the Cu Chi Compassionate Home.

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