Cupcakes for Cancer

The Problem

Helping Fight the battle of childhood cancer. I am 14 years old and a chemo survivor and know first hand how hard and long chemo is. I personally designed Cupcakes for Cancer when I heard about a fellow 8th grader Kevin that had been diagnosed with leukemia. I wanted to help his family with his medical expenses. I combined my love of baking cupcakes- I have loved cupcakes all my life (even my dog is named Cupcake!) and my desire to make a difference. My plan was simple-bake plenty of homemade cupcakes and sell them for $1 after school and other local events. With the help of my friends and a cupcake eating community we raised $5000 in 6 wks for Kevin's family. Then I adopted a Wish for a sick kid through Make@Wish for '08. After baking a zillion cupcakes, having lots of bake sales and events Cupcakes for Cancer raised another $16,000 which was enough for 3 wishes for 3 sick kids! I was a wish kid when I was my sickest and I know how special a wish is when you are sick. I was really happy to for these kids. Now in '09 my goal is to raise $ for childhood cancer research too! and I am going to do an out reach and try and get kids in other towns, and states to join our cupcake crew and become a Cupcake Angel in their town. Imagine if we were able to raise $21,000 in one town in one year how great it would be if we could get tons of kids every where hosting bake sales and raising money too! We call this out reach "Frosting Hope Across America".

Plan of Action

In order to out reach to kids I have posted my goals and methods on my myspace. Apon request Cupcakes for Cancer will send a pink Cake Box starter kit that includes one free apron with cupcakes logo on it, (additional ones can be ordered) how to instructions and ideas for hosting, coupons for cake mixes and frostings to make their event heavenly, articles and photo's about our events and how to registrar their cupcake bake sale. As of '09 we have 15 individual kids that have requested starter kits in other states and 2 high school groups in state that want to join the cupcake crew!! We are excited to see how it goes!! So we will continue to host and raise funds in our cupcake loving community. We feel like we kinda need a special cute cupcake mobil to do all our deliveries and hall our pink and brown cupcake tent and table around and our cupcake girls to all our local events. We are invited everywhere you can think of -shop openings, movie in the park, easter egg hunts, Marathons, mens and womens clubs, school activites, sports events, haunted houses, Amgen bike time trials in our town with Lance Armstrong, breast cancer events, Autism events, Women Festivals, jewelry shows, book readings, plays, concerts, and dance recitals etc...we always do themes on our cupcakes to match the event! Cupcakes for Cancer will work hard to do the out reach to other cupcake angels in'09. I plan at least to triple our funds raised this year! We will continue to donate funds to Make@Wish and families that need financial help while their child is in chemo and to pediatric research. Cure Search a national pediatric cancer research foundation has asked us to help them raise funds and they have posted a link to us, to help inspire kids to join us. Also Cupcakes Club , a club for kids that encourages kids to make good choices and moral ones and to make a difference through clubs, crafts and projects is also working with us to help with the out reach! Their site is really cute and they happen to love cupcakes too! It's a perfect match! They also encourage kids to read and have a bunch of cute books written by the creator of the Cupcakes Club that have good moral themes! Cupcakes for Cancer and the Cupcakes Club are planning on dubbing some Cupcake Summer Days dedicated to children every where hosting cupcake sales! Imagine how fun this would be! I think we are off to a good start for our "Frosting hope across America" plan! One last thing-My mom and her Cake Club committee are planning a 1st Annual Ladies Luncheon in May called "Cupcakes and Wishes...a Swanky frilly affair!" in our town with hopes to raise money too!

Project Updates

Cupcakes for Cancer has another group of high schoolers that have become our Cupcake Angels this past week! These friends have been hosting small cupcake bake sales in their cupcake aprons all over their school! They even did a "Pink Friday" cupcake sale in honor of teachers getting pink slipped for their jobs! They just sent us a check for $350 and another for $140! My mom and I are very proud of them! A group of Rainbow Girls from Ventura Ca have contacted us. They will host first cupcake sale Sunday and plan to fund raise for us this Spring! We also had two more kids e-mail us for CakeBox starter kits this weekend! One is from Texas and one girl from Ontario. Our "Frosting Hope Across America" is really exciting! This week end Cupcakes For Cancer received a donation of $500 from a nice lady who has watched Cupcakes grow for a year. She has cancer herself-which is so sad. I was also just asked to speak at our town's Man and Woman of the Year Awards next month! I will be nervous. This Saturday I get to be a judge at a Cupcake Contest in my town! YUM! I can not wait. It is amazing how God has blessed Cupcakes for Cancer!

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