Dance Into Books, Inc.

Official Project

The Problem

I conceptualized and developed a program called Dance Into Books for economically disadvantaged children. I initially started the program in my local library to complete volunteer hours for the Teen Advisory Board on which I served. After my first class I was so impressed with how well the children grasped the concept of stories translating into the art of dance and how fulfilled I felt after this experience I began to talk to my parents about the possibility of committing time in my schedule to offer classes on a regular basis. I also realized that my time would be best spent offering classes to children whose families did not have the resources to introduce them to the importance of the arts. Dance and literacy education is the primary focus of this program. Our goal is to promote a life-long love of dance and appreciation of literature. This means children will learn much more than dance and listening to a good story. Our instructors emphasize proper dance technique including body awareness, correct alignment, proper warm-ups and progression of movement. Dance will not only teach your child movement and music appreciation, but also teaches responsibility and discipline, and develops poise and confidence.

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