"Dancing with the Golden Stars"

The Problem

"Dancing with the Golden Stars" is the only Intergenerational program in our area. It's our spin off of the hit television show, "Dancing with the Stars." Our program has it's differences though. Instead of pairing up with a celebrity, we partner up with senior citizens at the Ingram Senior Center, in Salem, New Hampshire. Our goal is to have fun, learn how to ballroom dance and create a bonding experience with a people that are part of a different genereation. We rehearse every Wednesday from two-thirty to four o'clocke in the afternoon for ten weeks. At the end of the ten weeks, each "couple" has to participate in our "competition." We even have a panel of experience dancers for our judges. The bonds we have created are so strong, none of us will ever forget. It also gives every participant something to look forward to every week.

Plan of Action

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